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Dependent Pension

Did you know you that as an NHS Dentist you  can "allocate" up to one third of your NHS Pension to a spouse or dependent?

However the person can only  receive the pension on your death not whilst you are alive.

During your lifetime you will receive a reduced pension because of the allocation.

The NHS factsheet states

Allocation is giving up a part of your pension to provide a pension for somebody else when you die, for example a member of your family or a close friend (your beneficiary). This means your pension will be reduced at your retirement. If you die before your beneficiary they will then get that part of your pension you have allocated to them for life.  

You can allocate to anyone you choose as long as they are at least partially dependent on you. If you allocate to your spouse, civil partner or nominated qualifying partner they will get the allocated pension as well as their survivor\'s pension from the Scheme.


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